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Ovulation Disorders and Why You Need to Work with A Fertility Specialist in Overland Park

There are several types of ovulation disorders that can affect your reproductive abilities. Ovulation disorders are also the most common reason women are not able to conceive, according to some of the best fertility doctors in Overland Park. There are conditions such as:

Premature Ovarian Failure– ovaries usually stop functioning later in life
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome–

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Cause of Infertility PCOS

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Female Infertility

Infertility can be a very emotionally draining journey for couples and individuals. There are many reasons why infertility can happen. Female infertility is one reason for the inability to conceive and is also an excellent reason to consider female infertility treatment in Overland Park. The female body is very complex, and many factors can be adjusted and changed to increase the likelihood of conceiving.

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Female infertility PCOS

Understanding PGS – How it can help you have a baby

Our Kansas fertility doctor believes PGS can increase IVF success rates

If you are suffering from the heartbreak that accompanies failed IVF cycles, recurrent pregnancy loss and unexplained infertility, preconception genetic screening (PGS) may provide you with the hope, help and answers you are looking for to start or add to your family.

PGS is a form of genetic testing that identifies chromosomal abnormalities in an embryo during a critical part of the IVF cycle.

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Cause of Infertility PCOS

Controlling PCOS Starts at Breakfast

The old saying — eat like a prince at breakfast and a pauper at dinner — may apply to those trying to get pregnant.

A new study out of Tel Aviv University found that, for women of a normal weight, consuming larger meals earlier in the day helped control PCOS.

Dr. Dan Gehlbach treats women with polycystic ovarian syndrome PCOS with a combination of drug therapy (Metformin) and wellness strategies.

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Nutrition for Fertility PCOS

Eating for Conceiving: Is Nutrition Really a Factor in Infertility?

Search “nutrition for fertility’ right now and you will likely come up with a plethora of theories on the correlation between food and fertility. Bookstores devote entire sections to diets, and your inbox probably has a special offer tempting you with an easy-fix claim.

Dr. Dan Gehlbach helps his fertility patients separate fact from fiction with nutritional counseling and nutritional plans that target male and female infertility related to ovulation dysfunction and sperm disorders.

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