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Midwest Reproductive Center

Controlling PCOS Starts at Breakfast

The old saying — eat like a prince at breakfast and a pauper at dinner — may apply to those trying to get pregnant.

A new study out of Tel Aviv University found that, for women of a normal weight, consuming larger meals earlier in the day helped control PCOS.

Dr. Dan Gehlbach treats women with polycystic ovarian syndrome PCOS with a combination of drug therapy (Metformin) and wellness strategies. The disorder interferes with ovulation when insulin levels cause a woman to produce too much testosterone and transport too much glucose to the muscles. Hormonal imbalances and ovulation disorders account for the lion’s share of female fertility problems.

How Diet Can Disarm PCOS

Insulin-resistant women that fall within a normal weight range can time their meals to control the over-production of insulin. The study suggests starting the morning with a breakfast consisting of proteins and carbs, and then tapering off the calorie intake for the remainder of the day.

The PCOS study compared two groups of women who consumed the exact same number of calories each day. Of the group that ate big breakfasts, rather than big dinners:

  • 56 percent saw a decrease in insulin resistance
  • 50 percent realized a decrease in testosterone
  • 50 percent increased their ovulation rate

Midwest Reproductive Center incorporates wellness advice and nutritional support into female infertility treatment plans. Women dealing with PCOS have the option of working with our registered nurses for nutritional counseling to help control insulin production.

Not only does PCOS lead to infertility, it can cause embarrassing symptoms such as acne, increased facial and body hair and weight gain. Dr. Gehlbach will work with you to relieve these symptoms, and induce ovulation so you can get pregnant.

Contact Dr. Gehlbach to discuss a treatment protocol for overcoming PCOS, and read more here about fertility and nutrition.

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