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Can DHEA Help With Female Infertility?

If you are suffering from infertility due to low ovarian reserve, you may be familiar with DHEA.

Over the years DHEA has gained a reputation for being a potent supplement to fertility treatments, but there are still questions about whether the reality lives up to the hype. Dr. Dan Gehlbach at Midwest Reproductive Center addresses frequently asked questions about DHEA and infertility.

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Controlling PCOS Starts at Breakfast

The old saying — eat like a prince at breakfast and a pauper at dinner — may apply to those trying to get pregnant.

A new study out of Tel Aviv University found that, for women of a normal weight, consuming larger meals earlier in the day helped control PCOS.

Dr. Dan Gehlbach treats women with polycystic ovarian syndrome PCOS with a combination of drug therapy (Metformin) and wellness strategies.

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Nutrition for Fertility PCOS

Fertility Alert: Caffeine Is Fine in Moderation

Couples having trouble getting pregnant often have questions about how they can increase their chances. While some causes of infertility cannot be changed without medical intervention, oftentimes, environmental and lifestyle factors can play a part in infertility. Dr. Dan Gehlbach and the registered nutritionist at Midwest Reproductive Center advise couples on the best dietary choices for optimizing fertility.

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Eating for Conceiving: Is Nutrition Really a Factor in Infertility?

Search “nutrition for fertility’ right now and you will likely come up with a plethora of theories on the correlation between food and fertility. Bookstores devote entire sections to diets, and your inbox probably has a special offer tempting you with an easy-fix claim.

Dr. Dan Gehlbach helps his fertility patients separate fact from fiction with nutritional counseling and nutritional plans that target male and female infertility related to ovulation dysfunction and sperm disorders.

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