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Midwest Reproductive Center

Eating for Conceiving: Is Nutrition Really a Factor in Infertility?

Search “nutrition for fertility’ right now and you will likely come up with a plethora of theories on the correlation between food and fertility. Bookstores devote entire sections to diets, and your inbox probably has a special offer tempting you with an easy-fix claim.

Dr. Dan Gehlbach helps his fertility patients separate fact from fiction with nutritional counseling and nutritional plans that target male and female infertility related to ovulation dysfunction and sperm disorders.

Nutrition for Fertility: The 7.5 Solution

Midwest Reproductive Center’s nutrition for fertility plan involves the 7.5% Solution for women experiencing polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).  We have found that even a 7.5% weight loss can restore ovulation, clear skin of excess acne and facial hair and mitigate other unfortunate PCOS symptoms.

“Weight loss is a challenge for most people. But you can do it! You have a goal—having a baby—and that’s a powerful motivator,” says Megan Shay, BS., Midwest Reproductive Center R.N. and nutritionist.

Get Help with a Plan for Nutrition for Fertility

If you are focused on preparing your body for pregnancy, and need some help with nutritional counseling, read more on the Midwest Reproductive Center website. https://www.midwestreproductive.com/fertility-nutrition.php
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