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Donor Services

The gift of donor services at Midwest Reproductive Center keeps hope alive

For many couples trying to get pregnant, donor reproduction means the difference between empty arms and full hearts. When it seems all hope is lost, Midwest Reproductive Center steps in to offer advanced fertility treatments and donor services that help intended parents benefit from donor sperm and/or donor oocytes (eggs) to achieve pregnancy.

About donor services

Donor services involves the use of donor sperm or donor eggs (or both). In most cases, individuals or couples undergoing infertility treatment provide the donor egg or sperm; sometimes we rely on a third party donor (third party reproduction).

Dr. Dan Gehlbach will usually recommend donor reproduction when fertility testing reveals insurmountable problems with egg quality, usually due to maternal age or premature menopause, or sperm volume, motility or other causes of male infertility.

The in-house, physician-run donor program at Midwest Reproductive Center prioritizes your privacy and safety and adheres to the strictest state and federal standards. Our In-house donor selection process involves meticulous screening, safeguards and checkpoints.

We’re proud of our donor IVF success rates

Our Olathe fertility center boasts nationally recognized IVF success rates. Donor reproduction in conjunction with IVF can greatly boost your odds of getting pregnant, even if you’ve suffered from multiple failed pregnancy attempts in the past.

Dr. Gehlbach can share with you the very high donor IVF success rates that he has achieved and the importance of the numbers as related to Midwest Reproductive Center demographics.

IVF and donor services make families possible

Without donor reproduction, many women would never experience the joy of carrying a pregnancy and men would give up on their dreams of having a biological baby.

When you are trying to get pregnant and the only realistic option is donor oocytes and sperm, Midwest Reproductive Center can help. Under the direction of skilled endocrinologist Dr. Gehlbach, couples overcome male and female infertility. If you live in the areas of Overland Park, Olathe and Kansas City, contact us to find out how donor services can expand your fertility options.

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