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Health Screening Before Fertility Treatment

Health Screening Before Fertility Treatment

The benefits of a health screening before fertility treatment

For couples and individuals struggling to conceive, beginning the process of fertility treatment can feel daunting. Dan Gehlbach, M.D., and the team at Midwest Reproductive Center will guide and support you through the entire process, which begins with a full health screening before fertility treatment. Gathering an initial view of your overall health will help our Kansas fertility center develop a comprehensive plan for diagnosing and treating your fertility issues.

Starting with a health screening before fertility treatment

Our Kansas fertility center realizes that our patients are anxious to begin the treatment process. To give you the best chances of success, Dr. Gehlbach generally recommends an initial health screening before fertility treatment. These tests will highlight important details about your general wellbeing, which can offer insight into any fertility issues and increase the odds of a successful pregnancy.

Reviewing the health screening process at our Kansas fertility center

When you first visit our Kansas fertility center, Dr. Gehlbach will suggest a complete health screening. This evaluation will generally include the following:

  • Medical history We will ask questions about current medications, previous illnesses, vaccine dates, preexisting medical conditions and family medical background to gather a total picture of your health.
  • Blood tests Dr. Gehlbach will order blood tests to confirm your blood type, screen for infectious diseases and check your baseline hormone levels.
  • Genetic tests Depending on ethnicity or family history, Dr. Gehlbach may recommend genetic tests to make sure you and your partner are not at risk for passing on certain diseases such as cystic fibrosis or Tay Sachs to your future children
  • Pelvic exam This physical assessment enables Dr. Gehlbach to evaluate the uterus, cervix and ovaries.
  • Male semen analysis Your partner will provide a semen sample, which will be evaluated for sperm shape, size, volume and motility.

Moving forward after your health screening

Once Dr. Gehlbach has the results from your tests, he will meet with you and your partner to review the details. At this point, he can decide whether additional fertility testing is needed to identify potential barriers to conception. If the semen analysis reveals any abnormalities, our Kansas fertility center will refer your partner to a urologist, a physician who focuses on the male reproductive system.

As you begin the journey with fertility treatments, Dr. Gehlbach wants you to understand the importance of a thorough health screening. This analysis will help our Kansas fertility center provide you with the best treatment options for your situation. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.