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Midwest Reproductive Center

Egg Freezing Process

The Egg Freezing Process

Breaking down the egg freezing process

As a leading Kansas fertility center, Midwest Reproductive Center offers advanced fertility treatments, including egg freezingDan Gehlbach MD works with women who want to preserve their ability to have a family in the future. In the past, embryo freezing was the best option, but egg freezing is now a viable choice. Dr. Gehlbach can provide a detailed explanation of the egg freezing process for women interested in exploring fertility preservation.

Egg freezing stops the biological clock

For women, peak fertility occurs in their twenties and early thirties. Many women choose to focus on their careers and education before starting a family. Egg freezing enables young women to freeze their eggs during this time period so that they can utilize these eggs when the time is right. The egg freezing process also enables women who may need chemotherapy, surgery or other potentially damaging medical treatments to protect their ability to conceive in the future.

Scientific advances improve the egg freezing process

With vitrification, a rapid freezing process that transforms the liquids in the egg into a glass-like solid state without damaging the egg’s genetic material, our Kansas fertility center expert can utilize the egg freezing process for fertility preservation. Once the eggs are frozen, patients can store them until they are ready to begin their families.

Understanding how the egg freezing process works

For those considering the egg freezing process, Dr. Gehlbach explains the basics:

  • Before beginning the egg freezing process at our Kansas fertility center, we will complete a thorough medical evaluation to ensure that the patient is a good candidate.
  • To stimulate the ovaries for the egg retrieval, patients take a 10 to 14 day course of fertility medication. During this time, we will closely monitor the egg follicle development.
  • Once the eggs are mature, Dr. Gehlbach will perform the retrieval during an outpatient procedure in our fertility center.
  • The eggs are frozen, or vitrified, and stored for future use.

Dr. Gehlbach wants to help patients build the families they desire when the time is right. At our Kansas fertility center, we will walk you through the egg freezing process and answer your questions. If you are interested in learning more about egg freezing, contact us to schedule an appointment.