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Preconception Genetic Testing

Preconception Genetic Testing

Preconception genetic testing provides critical health information

At Midwest Reproductive Center, Dan Gehlbach MD offers advanced infertility care. As an experienced reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Gehlbach diagnoses and treats common causes of infertility. Our Kansas fertility center also offers preconception genetic testing. With this testing, we can assist hopeful parents in gathering a snapshot of their genetic makeup, which can identify any risk of passing certain genetic disorders on to their children.

A review of genetic basics from our Kansas fertility center expert

Our genes are DNA sequences arranged in a specific order that provide the building blocks of the various traits we inherit from our parents. One copy comes from the mother, and one copy comes from the father. When genes mutate, certain genetic disorders can occur. Often, you can be a carrier of a genetic disease, but have no symptoms yourself. Genetic conditions such as cystic fibrosis are passed down to a child when both parents are carriers of the disease.

Who should consider preconception genetic testing?

Ultimately, you and your partner must decide whether to do preconception genetic testing. If screening indicates the potential for passing on a specific disorder, Dr. Gehlbach can discuss options for helping you conceive a healthy baby, including IVF with preimplantation genetic diagnosis. Our Kansas fertility center expert generally recommends preconception genetic testing in the following situations:

  • Family history indicates the presence of a specific disorder
  • You or your partner have a genetic disorder such as cystic fibrosis or hemophilia
  • Your ethnicity puts you at risk for certain conditions such as Tay Sachs disease

How does preconception genetic testing work?

If you elect to have the screening done, you and your partner will each provide a small blood sample. The samples will then be sent to the Counsyl laboratory, where they screen for over 175 conditions. Results are generally available in about two weeks. You will receive a copy directly from the laboratory. If you have questions, genetic counselors from Counsyl are available to discuss the results in detail.

The team at Midwest Reproductive Center understands that a healthy child is the ultimate goal of hopeful parents. Dr. Gehlbach utilizes the latest reproductive technologies, including preconception genetic testing, to help men and women achieve this goal. Contact our Kansas fertility center for more information about preconception genetic testing.