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Egg Freezing FAQs

Find answers to egg freezing FAQs

Technological advances have allowed Dan Gehlbach MD to offer our patients the latest fertility treatments, including fertility preservation via egg freezing. Thanks to vitrification, a rapid freezing process, we can utilize egg freezing to help our patients conceive when the time is right for them. Our Kansas fertility center expert is offering answers to egg freezing FAQs so that our patients can make informed decisions about fertility preservation.

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Understanding Preconception Genetic Screening

Should we consider preconception genetic screening?

Planning to have a baby requires a great deal of planning. Often, women trying to conceive focus on prenatal vitamins and healthy eating. As the medical director of our Kansas fertility center, Dan Gehlbach MD encourages you to consider the benefits of preconception genetic screening.

What is preconception genetic screening?

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Embryo Transfer

Understanding Embryo Transfer

Infertility treatment often involves a variety of tests and procedures. Dan Gehlbach MD, the medical director of our Kansas fertility center, wants men and women to feel comfortable as they undergo treatment, which may include in vitro fertilization, or IVF. One critical step in the IVF process is embryo transfer. Our Kansas fertility center primarily utilizes frozen embryo transfer,

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Highlighting ASRM 2017

Shining a spotlight on the ASRM 2017

Midwest Reproductive Center is committed to providing exceptional fertility treatment. With over 30 years of experience, Dan Gehlbach, M.D., combines clinical expertise with compassionate care. To ensure first-rate experiences for our patients, our Kansas fertility center stays up to date on the latest medical advances by attending events such as the annual American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) conference.

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One Fertility Plan for All?

Does one fertility plan fit everyone? We take an individualized approach

Just as no two fingerprints are exactly alike, Dan Gehlbach, M.D., understands that every patient is different. As the medical director at Midwest Reproductive Center, our Kansas fertility center expert rejects the idea that one fertility plan works for all patients. Dr. Gehlbach will perform a thorough fertility evaluation and analyze your situation to create a personalized fertility plan to help you build your family.

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Vacation During Fertility Treatments

Discover tips for taking a vacation during fertility treatments

Trying to get pregnant can become the focus of your life, and you may feel like every-thing else has taken a back seat. Dan Gehlbach, M.D., understands that you may need to take a vacation to provide much-needed rest and relaxation. Our Kansas fertility center offers suggestions for taking a vacation during fertility treatments.

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Freeze All IVF Cycles

The perks of freeze all IVF cycles

As a skilled reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Dan Gehlbach stays informed on the latest fertility advances to ensure top-notch treatment for our Kansas fertility center patients. After a thorough fertility evaluation, Dr. Gehlbach will customize individual treatment plans designed to help our patients achieve their dreams of parenthood.

We use proven therapies such as ovulation induction medication,

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Celebrity Moms Dealing with Infertility

Taking a Stand: Celebrity moms dealing with infertility raise their voices

Although an estimated 1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility, trying to get pregnant without success can create feelings of isolation. It often seems like everyone around you is having a baby while you are dealing with infertility. Dr. Dan Gehlbach and the team at our Kansas fertility center understand the frustration our patients feel as they attempt to get pregnant.

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Infertility Awareness Week

Renew your pregnancy strategies during Infertility Awareness Week

April represents a time for renewal, and spring is the perfect season for raising infertility awareness. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recognizes National Infertility Awareness Week, April 23-29, and Midwest Reproductive Center continues to promote awareness for the disease and educate legislators about the need to expand insurance benefits.

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Fertility Numbers

A review of important fertility numbers from our Kansas fertility center expert

With an estimated 1 in 8 couples struggling with infertility in this country, Dr. Dan Gehlbach understands the feelings of frustration and hopelessness our Kansas fertility center patients may experience. Dr. Gehlbach wants to arm patients with knowledge about infertility and treatment options so that they can move forward on the path to parenthood.

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