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Vacation During Fertility Treatments

Discover tips for taking a vacation during fertility treatments

Trying to get pregnant can become the focus of your life, and you may feel like every-thing else has taken a back seat. Dan Gehlbach, M.D., understands that you may need to take a vacation to provide much-needed rest and relaxation. Our Kansas fertility center offers suggestions for taking a vacation during fertility treatments.

Preparing for a vacation during fertility treatments

Getting ready to take a trip requires advanced preparation. Dr. Gehlbach has some tips to ensure that you are well-prepared.

  • Timing is everything. Coordinate your travel plans with Dr. Gehlbach and our Kansas fertility center staff to minimize disruptions to your cycle.
  • Location, location, location. When planning a vacation during fertility treatments, don’t forget to review the latest travel health warnings. For example, the Zika virus can cause serious issues for pregnant women and their unborn babies, so avoid visiting areas where Zika is prevalent.
  • Handle with care. Pack the medicine and supplies you will need to take with you for a vacation during fertility treatments. Check airline guidelines for traveling with medications and contact our Kansas fertility center if you need supporting documentation to travel with your medicine.
  • Let it go. Once you begin your vacation, take time to decompress and unwind from the stress of fertility treatments. Taking a break from the rigors of the daily grind can allow you to come back refreshed.

At Midwest Reproductive Center, Dr. Gehlbach and our team provide top-notch care and support for our patients. If you are considering a vacation during fertility treatments, we can offer advice to make travel easier. Contact our Kansas fertility center for more information.

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