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Find answers to egg freezing FAQs

Technological advances have allowed Dan Gehlbach MD to offer our patients the latest fertility treatments, including fertility preservation via egg freezing. Thanks to vitrification, a rapid freezing process, we can utilize egg freezing to help our patients conceive when the time is right for them. Our Kansas fertility center expert is offering answers to egg freezing FAQs so that our patients can make informed decisions about fertility preservation.

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Department of Defense to cover sperm and egg freezing for active-duty military

Department of Defense to cover sperm and egg freezing for active-duty military

Recently, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced that the Department of Defense will start a 2-year pilot program to cover the cost of sperm and egg freezing for active-duty service members.

According to Carter, the program has two goals: (1) to “help our men and women preserve their ability to start a family,

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OvaPrime: A Fertility Preservation Game Changer?

A healthy 20-year-old woman who is trying to get pregnant has a 20% chance of conceiving each month, but by age 40, that rate drops to less than 5%.

Egg freezing has been viewed as one of the best fertility options available to women.  Women in their late 20s or early 30s who do not anticipate starting a family before their mid-30s will oftentimes go through a process to extract and freeze their healthy eggs,

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