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Freeze All IVF Cycles

The perks of freeze all IVF cycles

As a skilled reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Dan Gehlbach stays informed on the latest fertility advances to ensure top-notch treatment for our Kansas fertility center patients. After a thorough fertility evaluation, Dr. Gehlbach will customize individual treatment plans designed to help our patients achieve their dreams of parenthood.

We use proven therapies such as ovulation induction medication, IUI and IVF, and freeze all IVF cycles.

Exploring the process of freeze all IVF cycles

With traditional IVF, Dr. Gehlbach retrieves the eggs, which are combined with the sperm in the IVF lab. These fertilized eggs grow and develop into embryos that are evaluated for quality. Dr. Gehlbach will transfer the best embryo back to the uterus three to five days after retrieval. This is a “fresh” cycle.

For freeze all IVF cycles, the high quality embryos are preserved via a process called vitrification and stored for future use.

Why our Kansas fertility center uses freeze all IVF cycles

In the past, fresh cycles represented the primary option in IVF therapy. Improvements to the egg freezing process have provided freeze all IVF cycles as a viable alternative. One major benefit of freeze all IVF cycles is that they allow the uterus to return to normal after the retrieval process, which may improve the uterine lining and create a more favorable environment for possible implantation.

Other reasons for freeze all IVF cycles include:

When you are dealing with infertility, the struggle to conceive can cause discouragement. Dr. Gehlbach offers our patients compassionate care and leading-edge therapies, including freeze all IVF cycles. Contact our Kansas fertility center office for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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