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Benefits of Egg Freezing in Overland Park

Egg Freezing in Overland Park

Do you have a strong desire to have children, but you know the timing just isn’t right? Then freezing your eggs might be for you. Egg freezing in Overland Park is growing in popularity for many reasons. Some women are building their careers and not yet ready to have children, but know they want them in the future. This allows time to be less of a factor when it comes to fertility. It’s also an option if you have a medical condition that might damage fertility or make you less likely to conceive naturally.

These are just a few of the significant reasons why women choose to freeze their eggs, but actually, there is a long list of reasons why it’s a good idea to seek the help of a fertility specialist in Overland Park. Here is a short list of benefits to egg freezing in Overland Park:

Egg Quality is Reduced Every Year as You Age

This means that an egg is more likely to have the wrong number of chromosomes as women age. Therefore, egg quality dramatically decreases as the years pass. When you freeze your eggs at an early age, the eggs are frozen at a younger age and never age, increasing your chances of having a healthy egg for reproduction.

Supply of Eggs is Limited

Every woman’s egg supply is limited to what they were born with. Women are born with roughly a million eggs. This is an incredible number; however, by the time a woman reaches her 40’s and 50’s, there are almost no eggs left. Today, many mothers are considering having children as they get older and are towards the end of their fertility. This makes conceiving children naturally and having biological children risky.

Egg Freezing in Overland Park

You Can Relax

So many women worry about the biological clock that is ticking away each year. If you are in the place in your life where you simply aren’t ready but want children in the future, then it might be time to see a fertility clinic in Overland Park and look at your options. There are many reasons why women are not ready to have kids. There may be financial obstacles, your partner is not ready to have children, or you want to focus on getting your career in a good place first. Whatever the reason, know that you have options for childbearing. You can take away the anxiety and pressure by freezing your eggs and knowing they will be ready when you are.

Illnesses & Cancer Are Likely to Diminish Your Chances of Having a Child

Often when there is a serious illness like cancer, treatments such as chemotherapy can make fertility impossible naturally. When you seek the advice of a fertility specialist in Overland Park, you can plan ahead and harvest eggs before your treatment begins. This can lead to healthy eggs that can be fertilized later. There are also conditions such as early hysterectomies and health conditions such as endometriosis which are common conditions that women develop. These can all affect your fertility and reduce your chances at parenthood. This is why it is so important to seek out a doctor to help with your female infertility treatment in Overland Park.

Egg Freezing in Overland Park

Whatever your reasons for seeking out a fertility specialist in Overland Park, contact Midwest Reproductive Center. Our professional staff has a great reputation for being one of the best fertility doctors in Overland Park for freezing and protecting your eggs for the future when you are ready for parenthood.  Give us a call at 913.780.4300 or visit our website to learn more about how we make the dream of parenthood a reality with compassionate care throughout the process.

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