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Egg Freezing: What You Need to Know

Egg Freezing in Kansas City

As women age, the likelihood of becoming pregnant decreases. Believe it or not, women are typically born with between 1 to 2 million eggs. However, as they age, these eggs die off naturally and leave each woman with approximately 500,000 eggs by the time they reach puberty.

Once a female enters her 30s and 40s, her eggs begin to disappear at a more rapid rate, and the remaining eggs may not be as healthy. Knowing this, many women explore options to preserve their healthy eggs even before they are ready to start a family. One popular option is egg freezing in Kansas City.

At Midwest Reproductive Center, we are widely considered the best Kansas City egg freezing clinic because of our extensive knowledge and experience with this procedure. Read on to discover more about the process of egg freezing and what you can expect.

The Process of Egg Freezing

The initial step in the process is similar to IVF in Kansas City – which is used to treat infertility. The patient typically receives injections for 10 to 12 days to help her eggs develop and mature. With each injection, she is closely monitored to ensure that she responds positively to the medication.

When the matured eggs are ready to be retrieved for freezing, the patient will undergo an outpatient procedure that typically lasts about 30 minutes. Light anesthesia will be used while the eggs are retrieved. The eggs are then inspected closely by an embryologist to determine which eggs are candidates for egg freezing in Kansas City. After the eggs are selected, they are frozen immediately and can remain frozen indefinitely.

Egg Freezing in Kansas City

Is There an Age Limit for an Egg Freezing Procedure?

This is a question that should be answered on an individual basis by a doctor at a Kansas City egg freezing clinic. Age certainly does have an impact on the quantity and quality of eggs a patient has, but each person is different when it comes to how their age affects fertility.

For example, some women in their mid-20s may already experience infertility, while other women in their 40s may show no signs of infertility. Egg freezing is a procedure that is recommended on a case-by-case basis. However, many Kansas City fertility treatment experts have seen that women under age 38 tend to have the most success with egg freezing.

How are the Costs Divided?

Often, the costs for egg freezing are divided into three different parts of the procedure.

  • The Consultation, Medication, and Egg Retrieval
  • Storing the Eggs Until the Procedure Date
  • Thawing the Eggs to Attempt Pregnancy


Egg Freezing in Kansas City


If you and your partner are struggling to start a family and are considering egg freezing, the experts at Midwest Reproductive Center are here to help. With more than 60 years of combined experience, we have assisted countless couples and individuals on their journey to parenthood. Let us show you why our patients consider us the best Kansas City egg freezing clinic.

Give us a call today at 913.780.4300, or you can contact us online with any questions. We look forward to joining you on this journey and walking with you every step of the way.


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