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Some Common Benefits and Risks of IVF in Overland Park

IVF in Overland Park

In vitro fertilization, or commonly known as IVF, is a procedure that couples struggling to conceive naturally might benefit from. Just like any medical procedure, there are benefits and risks, so it’s a good idea to seek out the help of a fertility specialist in Overland Park to weigh all your options. So, what exactly does IVF entail? IVF works by stimulating egg production, harvesting a woman’s eggs, fertilizing the eggs with sperm, and transferring them to a uterus. This procedure is highly complex, with many options to consider.

So now that we have an idea of what the procedure is let’s consider why you might be a good candidate.

  • Some couples or individuals may have a genetic condition that they want to prevent from passing on to future children.
  • If you have damage to your fallopian tubes, you may experience blockage that prevents eggs from traveling to the uterus.
  • If you have a health condition that causes uterine tissue to grow outside of the uterus, it can make it difficult to conceive naturally. This is known as Endometriosis.
  • You may be experiencing Fibroid tumors that grow on the wall of the uterus and are relatively common in women as they age. This can prevent an egg from implanting in the uterus.
  • If a male has issues with their sperm such as low counts or irregular shape, these issues can be the cause of infertility. These can often be addressed and corrected with male infertility treatment in Overland Park at Midwest Reproductive Center.
  • You have experienced a health condition such as cancer, and the treatment has reduced your fertility.

IVF in Overland Park

Now that we understand what IVF is and who may be a good candidate, it’s essential to understand that there are risks to consider when thinking about IVF in Overland Park. Those include:

  • You may give birth to a baby prematurely and some babies born via IVF experience low birth weight.
  • A miscarriage is possible when using IVF and the rates increase as a woman ages.
  • IVF in Overland Park has been known to produce not just one, but often multiple embryos. Every IVF patient should be fully prepared for the possibility of being pregnant with multiple children. Although there is a risk of having a multiple pregnancy if you choose to transfer more than one embryo at a time, that risk can be greatly reduced if you transfer a single embryo.
  • There are mental, financial, and emotional stressors that can come with IVF treatment. The procedure does require a financial commitment and takes a toll on the woman’s body. Emotions are often very high, and the burden can often be quite heavy. Make sure you have a great support system in place for both you and your partner and work together to get through this often complicated treatment process.

IVF in Overland Park

Keep in mind this is not an exclusive list, but a list of the most common complications that fertility treatments in Overland Park can have. IVF can be a very effective and successful treatment along with some less invasive options such as fertility drugs to start out with. With the help of a fertility specialist in Overland Park, your dream of parenthood can become a reality.

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