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Understanding Pelvic Adhesions and Infertility

What’s Standing in the Way of Conception?

Pelvic adhesions can put up roadblocks between you and your future family. Barriers to fertility can include biochemical imbalances or structural problems, including actual physical obstructions such as pelvic adhesions.

These accumulations of scar tissue—resulting from surgeries, infections or endometriosis–can prevent eggs from fertilization or migrating to the uterus for implantation.

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Fertility Surgery Pelvic Adhesions

Unraveling the Mystery of Endometriosis

Will you need surgery for endometriosis?

That depends on how proactive you’d like to be with fertility treatment. The disease of endometriosis frustrates fertility experts and reproductive endocrinologists like Dr. Dan Gehlbach for these reasons:

A diagnosis is not always definitive. In rare cases, endometriosis growth areas can be too small, or too camouflaged to detect in surgery.

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Endometriosis Fertility Surgery

Who Should Perform Your Da Vinci Surgery?

Not Every Surgeon Can Do It.

da Vinci surgery is a remarkable alternative to traditional laparoscopic surgery in which the surgeon uses a robotic arm with a high-definition camera to make the tiniest incisions possible. Your ideal da Vinci surgeon will have:

Advanced Surgical Skills

Robotic fertility surgery can be trickier than traditional laparoscopic surgery,

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Minimally Invasive Surgery: Minimal Pain, Maximum Gain

So you need reproductive fertility surgery.

You imagine the worst—pain, a long recovery, lost time at work and major expense. Today’s minimally invasive techniques, however, change the paradigm with in-and-out surgeries called laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.

Dr. Dan Gehlbach, with Midwest Reproductive Center, is a board-certified fertility specialist and surgeon uniquely trained in minimally invasive techniques.

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