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Minimally Invasive Surgery: Minimal Pain, Maximum Gain

So you need reproductive fertility surgery.

You imagine the worst—pain, a long recovery, lost time at work and major expense. Today’s minimally invasive techniques, however, change the paradigm with in-and-out surgeries called laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.

Dr. Dan Gehlbach, with Midwest Reproductive Center, is a board-certified fertility specialist and surgeon uniquely trained in minimally invasive techniques. With laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, Dr. Gehlbach can find and correct the hidden causes of female infertility.

What do telescopes and keyholes have to do with your fertility potential?

Minimally invasive fertility surgery oftentimes replaces the ‘open’ surgeries of the past. Open surgery involves a scalpel to open your abdomen. Minimally invasive surgery requires only 2-3 small “keyhole incisions” that are so small they require only a few stitches to close them up.

The surgical team inflates the abdomen with gas, so Dr. Gehlbach can clearly see the reproductive organs: fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus.

Through one small incision, Dr. Gehlbach maneuvers a telescopic tool called a laparoscope to view the area. The other entry points might be used for instruments that help Dr. Gehlbach explore the pelvic cavity.

Hysteroscopy also employs a telescopic tool called a hysteroscope, but the entry point is through the vagina, rather than abdominal incisions. Hysteroscopy allows Dr. Gehlbach to check out the fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus, and uterine lining.

Laparoscopy with Dr. Gehlbach

  • Performed under general anesthesia
  • Surgical center procedure
  • 1 week recovery time

Hysteroscopy with Dr. Gehlbach

  • Performed under local anesthesia
  • About a 30-minute procedure performed with a speculum and scope
  • Limited activities (sexual intercourse, sports, tampons) for a short period

Never quick to prescribe fertility surgery, Dr. Gehlbach will first exhaust other diagnostic tools like ovarian reserve testing. Contact Midwest Reproductive Center to ask about fertility surgery and how it can help enhance natural conception.

To learn more about minimally invasive &  robotic fertility surgery visit www.midwestreproductive.com 


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