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Dr. Dan Gehlbach Encourages Patients to Make Fertility Resolutions for 2013

January 1st has come and gone and many people have made goals or resolutions for 2013. Weight loss, more time with family and getting out of debt are popular choices. At Midwest Reproductive Center, Dr. Dan Gehlbach and our team believe that our patients should consider making resolutions that might help them achieve their dreams of having a child.

Improving the chances for pregnancy in 2013

With advanced training and expertise in diagnosing and treating infertility, Dr. Gehlbach works with our patients to determine the best course of treatment. As you continue on the path to parenthood, we want to offer helpful suggestions for success in the New Year:

Live a healthy lifestyle

Frequently, patients have infertility issues such as ovulation dysfunction or low sperm count, which they can’t control. When you are trying to conceive, though, you and your partner can make smart choices to increase your odds. Eating right, regular exercise and limited alcohol intake are all steps in the right direction.

Be proactive

Once you have tried to conceive for 12 months (6 months if the female partner is over 35), you should explore infertility diagnosis and treatment with a fertility specialist like Dr. Gehlbach. While your obgyn can provide excellent care during pregnancy, reproductive endocrinologists (REs) like Dr. Gehlbach are expertly skilled at finding common causes of both female infertility as well as male infertility and choosing the right therapy to address the problem.

Consider new possibilities

When you dreamed about starting a family, you probably had certain images of how that scenario would look. Sometimes, options such as donor egg, donor sperm or gestational surrogacy can offer the best avenue for you to realize those dreams. Keep an open mind to these alternatives if traditional methods aren’t working.

We hope our patients have a Happy New Year that starts off with new resolutions to improve fertility, and ends with the birth of a healthy baby. If you need help getting pregnant, contact our office to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Gehlbach.



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