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Midwest Reproductive Center

Fertility Supplements

Do fertility supplements work? Our Kansas fertility center expert provides answers

Couples and individuals dealing with infertility often look for any solutions to assist them in getting pregnant. Not surprisingly, patients at our Kansas fertility center often ask about the use of fertility supplements. Dr. Dan Gehlbach, the medical director at Midwest Reproductive Center, wants our patients to have accurate information so that they can make informed decisions about fertility treatments, including fertility supplements.

Our Kansas fertility center expert weighs in on fertility supplements

Although the latest internet article may tout the benefits of vitamin C for infertility, Dr. Gehlbach believes our patients need to use care before utilizing any fertility supplements. Current research offers limited data to support the effectiveness of supplements. As more studies become available, the team at our Kansas fertility center will continue to evaluate whether or not fertility supplements may improve the odds of pregnancy.

Tips on using fertility supplements

If you are undergoing infertility treatment at our Kansas fertility center, consider the following points before investing in fertility supplements.

  • Having an “all-natural” label does not necessarily make fertility supplements safe. Patients should remember that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only minimally regulates these supplements for purity and quality.
  • Drug interactions may occur with fertility supplement use. Fertility treatment involves a complex mix of medications, so always ask before adding fertility supplements to your current drug regimen.
  • Watch for potential side effects. Just like conventional medicines, fertility supplements can cause side effects, especially if you consume large doses.

When you are struggling to conceive, you want to find the reasons for your infertility. Dr. Gehlbach utilizes modern therapies to diagnose and treat fertility issues. If you would like details about using fertility supplements, contact our Kansas fertility center for more information.

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