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AMH and Other Ovarian Reserve Tests

LearnDo You Know Your Ovarian Reserve?

Fertility can be affected by a wide range of factors, from low sperm counts to PCOS. One of the critical factors in your ability to become pregnant is what we call your ovarian reserve — the quantity of viable ova your ovaries currently contain.

You were actually born with all the eggs you’ll ever have — millions of them — but these numbers drop rapidly with age, causing your odds of getting pregnant to drop as well. We need a clear idea of how many “good” eggs you have or are likely to have in the near future so we can prescribe the right fertility solution, from elective egg freezing to fertility-boosting medications.

 Taking your Measurements

AMH testing is a relatively advanced testing method for estimating your ovarian reserve. AMH stands for anti-Mullerian hormone, a marker of ovarian follicle activity. We can also count the antral follicles inside the ovaries (which ) using an ultrasound-based technique known as an antral follicle scan. Both of these methods are relatively new and accurate compared to FSH/estrogen testing, the traditional means of determining ovarian reserve. This method measures your levels of follicle stimulating hormone and estrogen, two hormones critical to fertility. If either or both of these hormones are out of the expected ranges, your ovarian reserve may be low.

If you appear to be running out of eggs and/or time, don’t panic — your friends here at Midwest Reproductive can help. We may want to extract some eggs and preserve them through them so they will always be ready for later use. If you are trying to get pregnant ASAP, we can prescribe Clomid or injectable medications to raise your odds of fertilization. But the sooner we know, the better, so schedule your test with Midwest Reproductive today!


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