Midwest Reproductive Center

Your First Appointment

What to expect at your first appointment

Your first appointment at Midwest Reproductive Center will be with one of our specially trained nurse practitioners. They will review your medical and reproductive histories, including a thorough review of any testing or treatment that you and/or your partner may have previously undergone. A diagnostic ultrasound will also be performed. The nurse practitioner will then provide the options available for your reproductive treatment, order any further testing that may be required and if you are ready, help you begin the treatment that is best for you.

Although, you may not meet Dr. Gehlbach at your new patient appointment, he is very involved with your care from the beginning. He will review your history and treatment plan and follow up with you via the MRC patient portal to answer any further questions, and to keep in touch with you. He will make every effort to see you in the office during your treatment visits.

If at any point, you have further questions or concerns for Dr. Gehlbach, you can either contact him via the MRC patient portal or schedule a return office visit to meet with him.