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Understanding a Semen Analysis

If you and your partner have been struggling to conceive, Dr. Gehlbach will likely recommend a full fertility workup. This evaluation will involve an assessment of your medical history, a physical exam, numerous tests, and a semen analysis for your partner. Although many people assume fertility is a female issue, 40 percent of cases involve male factor infertility.

With a semen analysis, Dr. Gehlbach can look at the quality and quantity of your partner’s sperm.

A semen analysis will look at the following traits:

  • Concentration: Also known as a sperm count, concentration is the number of sperm present in each milliliter of fluid (a teaspoon holds 5 milliliters). The normal range is 20 million per milliliter.
  • Motility: The percentage of sperm with movement. For adequate fertility, 50 percent of the sperm should be motile.
  • Volume: This number looks at the total amount of fluid collected in the sample. A normal volume is at least 1.5 milliliters but not more than 5 milliliters.
  • Total motile count: The total number of moving sperm in the sample, usually there are at least 15 million motile sperm in the sample.
  • Morphology: The shape of the sperm. Abnormally shaped sperm are surprisingly common but a sample with at least 30 percent of the sperm with a regular shape is considered normal in most fertility clinics. At Midwest Reproductive Center, we use a much stricter grading system. With this grading system, we look at many different parts of the sperm to determine if a sample is normal.
  • Viscosity: Thickness of the sperm fluid. Low or moderate viscosity is considered normal.
  • Leukocytes: The term for white blood cells, which indicate inflammation or infection. A small number of leukocytes can be normal, while more than one million leukocytes per milliliter is considered abnormal.

At Midwest Reproductive Center, we want to identify and treat the problems that are preventing you from conceiving a baby. Contact our office for more information about semen analysis or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gehlbach.


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