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Tubal Reversal

Pregnancy is not impossible after you have your tubes tied: Tubal reversal surgery can help restore your fertility

We know that life takes many twists and turns, and women who have had a tubal ligation for permanent birth control may decide that they want the opportunity to get pregnant after all. For many women, tubal reversal surgery may be the answer.

How do I know if a tubal reversal will work for me?

Success rates for tubal reversal surgery depend upon several factors.

  • Your age
  • The method of tubal ligation surgery you had
  • The health of your fallopian tubes
  • The length of your remaining fallopian tubes
  • The amount of scar tissue in your pelvis
  • Your other fertility factors
  • Your partner’s sperm test results
  • The skill and experience of your microsurgeon

Dr. Gehlbach will evaluate your case to determine whether or not he thinks you are a good candidate for tubal reversal surgery.

What happens during surgery?

Tubal reversal surgery is almost always an outpatient procedure, either as a mini-laparotomy or as a robotic assisted laparoscopy. The surgery takes about two to three hours and is performed using general anesthesia. This microsurgery involves locating the disconnected ends of your fallopian tubes and checking to see if the tubes are open to allow both eggs and sperm to pass through. If so, our Kansas City fertility doctor joins them together with very small stitches.

Barring complications, you will return home the same day. Most women are able to resume their regular activities two weeks after a tubal reversal.

Our Kansas City fertility doctor offers women the chance to get pregnant after tubal ligation surgery

Tubal reversal surgery is a delicate procedure that requires a skilled surgeon like our Kansas City fertility doctor, Dan Gehlbach, MD. Dr. Gehlbach received his fellowship training as a reproductive endocrinologist at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital, and he has over two decades of surgical experience, expertise and knowledge. Contact us to learn more about tubal reversal.

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