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Nearly 39% of men over 40 in this country have experienced erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can cause more than embarrassment; it may lead to debilitating stress, relationship problems and ultimately, male infertility. As a reproductive endocrinologist in Kansas City, Dr. Dan Gehlbach understands that the anxiety of undergoing fertility treatment can sometimes lead to erectile dysfunction as well.

The Lifestyle and Erectile Dysfunction Connection

Studies show that alcohol and drug abuse, as well as long-term cigarette and marijuana smoking, can lead to problems with male infertility, including erectile dysfunction.

Other health issues that may contribute to erectile dysfunction include:

•          Depression

•          Diabetes

•          Heart disease and high cholesterol

•          High blood pressure

•          Hormonal imbalances, including low testosterone

 Learn about other causes of ED and how fertility specialist Dr Dan Gehlbach works with couples facing infertility>>


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