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How To Prepare for your Tubal Reversal in Overland Park

Tubal ligation, or tubal reversal, is commonly done after a woman has had her tubes tied. When her fallopian tubes are cut, tied, and blocked to prevent pregnancy, sperm is blocked from entering the tubes. This is done to prevent future pregnancies if a woman no longer wants to have children.

It’s important to know that a tubal reversal in Overland Park isn’t always effective and greatly depends on how the original surgery was performed. Consult with your doctor and talk to a fertility specialist in Overland Park to help you determine which procedure you had.

There are two types of tube tying surgeries.

  1. Ligation using rings and clips usually after childbirth. This preserves most of the tube and has the best shot at reversal if you ever change your mind.
  2. Tube burning is a process that destroys a larger amount of the tube. It typically has a lower chance of being reversed successfully.

Depending on which surgery was performed can determine the success and outcome of the tubal reversal.

tubal reversal in Overland Park

Once you have determined the type of surgery you had and the possible success rate of a reversal, it’s important to know a few facts about the procedure.

  • Tubal reversals are often a lower cost and lower recovery option than other alternatives. Most people usually have to decide between IVF (in vitro fertilization) and tubal reversal. IVF in Overland Park is a great option but often requires a significant time commitment. IVF treatment can also be an expensive procedure financially, so make sure you do adequate research and financial planning before pursuing IVF.

For some, a tubal reversal is a better option because it’s a one-time minor surgery, and then the couple can try to conceive naturally. With IVF, there are many appointments, injections, blood work, and ultrasounds, making it an option that Is pricey and involves a significant commitment.

  • Make sure and consider your partner’s fertility. It has happened quite frequently where a woman will have her tubal reversal surgery only to find out her partner has fertility issues and needs the help of male infertility treatments in Overland Park. If this is the case, even with the reversal, there may be a very small chance of conceiving naturally. If this is the case, a tubal reversal is likely not the best course of action.
  • A tubal reversal procedure done at a fertility clinic in Overland Park is not a highly complex surgery. It requires a very small incision, it’s quick, and the recovery is not as extensive as other surgeries.

tubal reversal in Overland Park

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