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Dr. Dan Gehlbach on Getting PG ASAP

Before you call a reproductive endocrinologist like Dr. Dan Gehlbach, you can act as your own fertility advocate by doing a little biology homework, practicing observation skills and taking proactive steps to get pregnant.

Actions you can take now to get pregnant:

1) Determine your ovulation date
2) Time intercourse around your ovulation
3) Maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle
4) Avoid using lubricants, or ask a fertility specialist to recommend one that won’t interfere with sperm function

Any fertility specialist will tell you not to bother with old wives tales that involve handstands after sex, taking cough medicine or boxers versus briefs. A little time spent researching causes of infertility will bring to light red flag warnings about maternal age. See a fertility specialist if you have tried for one year to get pregnant, or six months if you are over 35.

Hopefully, time-tested methods for getting pregnant will work for you, and you’ll soon start researching baby names and stroller features. Dr. Gehlbach and Midwest Reproductive Center offer more tips for getting pregnant on the fertility center’s website.

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