Midwest Reproductive Center

Robotic Fertility Surgery

Dr. Dan Gehlbach Offers da Vinci robotic fertility surgery

Many fertility specialists have not progressed to earn board certification as reproductive endocrinologists. Likewise, not every reproductive surgeon has trained and attained certification in the minimally invasive da Vinci Surgery System for robotic fertility surgery.

Known as robotic surgery, the da Vinci technique offers an alternative to traditional “open” surgeries or laparoscopic surgery to treat many medical conditions, including infertility.

Many of Dr. Dan Gehlbach’s patients will resolve infertility with first-line and non-invasive treatments such as ovulation induction. Fertility surgery is sometimes necessary, however, and addresses anatomical issues with the uterus, fallopian tubes or ovaries.

da Vinci Enhances Dr. Gehlbach’s Experienced Surgical Abilities

Two decades of experience as a reproductive surgeon affords

Dr. Gehlbach the intuition, experience and skill-set necessary to perform the most complex surgical procedures. With the da Vinci Surgical System,  Dr. Gehlbach adds to his depth of knowledge a leading-edge surgical tool to more effectively treat many female causes of infertility.

Reproductive surgeons like Dr. Gehlbach complete hours of training and simulated surgical experience, as well as participate in several proctored robotic cases prior to da Vinci certification.


Dr. Gehlbach will discuss fertility surgery options to diagnose or treat specific issues with the female reproductive system:

• Pelvic adhesions
• Uterine fibroids
• Blocked fallopian tubes
• Tubal reanastomosis (tubal ligation reversal)

Contact Dr. Gehlbach, a certified da Vinci reproductive surgeon, to find out about surgical services at Midwest Reproductive Center, and the robotic method to address infertility. As with any surgery, individual results vary, and certain risks are inherent with the procedure.