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Become A Donor

Become a Donor

Egg donors make dreams come true at Midwest Reproductive Center

We are always looking for women who want to become a donor. At Midwest Reproductive Center, we see how egg donation changes lives. Not only for couples that can’t get pregnant on their own, but for the special women who selflessly serve as egg donors.

Dr. Dan Gehlbach is board certified in reproductive endocrinology and uses Advanced Reproductive Technology (ART) to open doors for women suffering from female infertility. With the help of an egg donor, women who’ve struggled for years to get pregnant greatly improve their chances with in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Become a donor and change lives

As an egg donor, you give the ultimate gift. The team at Midwest Reproductive Center appreciates your sacrifice and vows to treat you with respect, kindness and professionalism at every step.

After you’ve completed the initial donor forms, expect to have a consultation with us at our fertility center. We’ll walk you through the screening process to become a donor. This process includes drug and psychological testing, a personal interview and a thorough health evaluation.

The intended parents cover the cost of donor screening, as well as the FDA approved fertility medications that will induce ovulation and cause you to produce more than one egg for the month of your treatment.

Compensation for your time and medical expenses is also available for egg donors.

All Midwest Reproductive Center egg donors remain completely anonymous and are compensated for their time and commitment. Contact us now to begin the gratifying journey toward egg donation.