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Combining PGS with IVF provides hope

Eager to start your family? Our Kansas City fertility doctor explains how PGS with IVF may accelerate your pregnancy journey

“Before IVF embryo transfer, preimplantation genetic screening provides a very important tool to identify chromosomal abnormalities,” says our Kansas City fertility doctor and founder of Midwest Reproductive Center. Dr Dan Gehlbach is happy to provide this service to his patients, knowing that it is particularly beneficial for women who are over 35, have experienced recurrent miscarriages or have attempted and failed multiple tries with IVF.

PGS combined with IVF may provide a faster path to pregnancy, especially for couples who have experienced failed IVF cycles

“We know that some couples, for both personal and medical reasons, want to achieve a pregnancy in as quickly as possible,” says Dr Gehlbach. Others may have the time, the patience or the personal circumstances to pursue pregnancy optimizing natural fertility or attempting IUI, as known as intrauterine insemination.

Those couples who have had recurrent miscarriages or repeated failed attempts at IVF may find that PGS provides them with answers.

According to Dr Gehlbach, “The American Society for Reproductive Medicine has deter-mined that one of the most common causes of early miscarriage is the presence of genetic abnormalities in the embryo. PGS can uncover underlying chromosomal issues that may be the root of the problem.”

In addition, as a woman ages, the higher her risk for producing eggs with genetic abnormalities. Studies are conflicting as to whether older sperm may also contribute to abnormalities.

PGS allows our Kansas City fertility doctor and his team to select and transfer the best embryo possible, hopefully the one that is most likely to produce a successful pregnancy. This is particularly important for older women who do not have years to spend attempting pregnancy.

PGS also allows Dr. Gehlbach to avoid transferring multiple embryos and mitigate the risks involved in a multiple pregnancy.

Our Kansas City fertility doctor and his IVF team provide extensive experience and expertise to every patient who undergoes PGS

PGS is a state-of-the-art form of genetic testing that provides our patients with ad-vantages unheard of in the early years of fertility treatment and IVF. When choosing a path to parenthood, contact us for more information.

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