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Midwest Reproductive Center

Fertility Treatment in Overland Park

Fertility Treatment in Overland Park

The process of trying to have a baby can be extremely stressful. You can do all the right things to give yourself the best chance to get pregnant, but in some cases, it just isn’t enough. When you can’t seem to find answers as to why you are unable to conceive a child, that’s when you turn to one of the leaders for fertility treatment in Overland Park, Midwest Reproductive Center.

Trust an Experienced Fertility Doctor in Overland Park

When you partner with Dr. Dan Gehlbach and our team of fertility doctors in Overland Park, they will provide a thorough evaluation to find what is preventing you from becoming pregnant. We know you are anxious to get to the root of the issue, and our staff at Midwest Reproductive Center is here to provide the resolution. Our team has extensive experience focused on female and male infertility treatment in Overland Park. So, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are working with some of the most well-respected fertility treatment professionals in the area.

Female Infertility Treatment

Infertility among females can be fairly common in Overland Park and throughout the United States. According to the CDC, it is estimated that almost 10% of women between ages 15-44 have struggled to either get pregnant or stay pregnant. If you fall into this category, you likely need the assistance of a clinic that specializes in female infertility treatment in Overland Park.


Your fertility issues could be caused by multiple factors. There may be anatomical barriers like endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, or pelvic adhesions. You may be experiencing blockages in the fallopian tubes, which can prevent sperm from reaching the egg or a fertilized egg from getting to the uterus.


Dr. Gehlbach’s years of experience with female infertility treatment in Overland Park can help address any of these issues. Using procedures like IVF, IUI, or minimally invasive surgeries, Dr. Gehlbach and his team of professionals will help give you the best chance of getting pregnant and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Fertility Treatment in Overland Park

Male Infertility Treatment

Nearly 40% of infertility cases are due to male infertility, which may be surprising to some. It is a common misconception for couples to think that infertility issues always lie within the female partner. If you think you might have male infertility issues, there are often no symptoms to look for.


To make an accurate diagnosis, Dr. Gehlbach and his staff in Overland Park will do a detailed evaluation of your medical history to look for potential risk factors. Some of those might include erectile dysfunction, past cancer treatments, impotence, or varicoceles.


Our staff will then provide a treatment plan for you and your spouse based on your previous medical history. Many times, the best course of action is through infertility treatments like IUI or IVF with intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

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Don’t give up on your dreams of becoming parents; call Midwest Reproductive Center at 913.780.4300 or contact us online for more information. We look forward to providing the right treatment for both you and your partner in your journey to parenthood.

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