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What’s new in fertility treatment, oncofertility and family building options?

Ask your team at MRC. Dr. Dan Gehlbach stays current on research, and our fertility center participates in ongoing clinical studies and symposiums. One of the most exciting times of the year for fertility specialists occurs each October at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) annual meeting.

Midwest Reproductive Center belongs to ASRM, which oversees and initiates innovations in our field of medicine. Fertility specialists from around the world will gather every year in October for the annual conference: Surfing the Waves of Change, Hawaii 2014. 

How Does ASRM Impact MRC Patients?

Dr. Gehlbach attended the ASRM Conference in Boston last year and returned with new IVF lab equipment that contributes to our center’s successful pregnancies. The colleagues that Dr. Gehlbach interacts with regularly, and at meetings such as ASRM, comprise a small community of medical specialists. Reproductive endocrinologists oftentimes collaborate and form multidisciplinary teams to resolve infertility. 

Dr. Gehlbach is following one ASRM presenter, in particular, this year. The Endometriosis Society leads research that helps our fertility center improve on endometriosis treatment and surgery.

In addition, vendors that support reproductive endocrinologists help us to enact positive change for our patients. For example:

  • Our friends at Counsyl initiate and equip us with the latest genetic testing capabilities.
  • Egg freezing technologies and a growing trend toward frozen egg banking can position women for success in donor egg cycles. ASRM will gather leading egg banks at the conference.
  • The LiveStrong Foundation will present the latest news in supporting patients through cancer preservation.

At Midwest Reproductive Center, we are committed to casting a wide net to bring the newest breakthroughs and greatest technology to our Kansas City fertility center. If you would like to partner with us in the quest to start a family, contact us here. Dr. Gehlbach has been “Surfing the Waves of Change” in reproductive medicine since 1992.


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