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Why Your IVF Protocol Is Uniquely Designed for You

When you’re hoping to get pregnant, you may look at someone else who has had success and think: Since a certain protocol worked for them, shouldn’t it work for me, too?

The answer is…not necessarily.

An IVF protocol involves the fertility drugs or combination of drugs that a fertility specialist administers, or you administer at home. This helps stimulate your ovaries to produce viable eggs. An IVF protocol also includes choosing when to begin medication and the dosages you will receive. Since every situation is different, there is no one-size-fits-all IVF protocol.

At Midwest Reproductive Center, we design an IVF protocol specifically for you. During the IVF process, we take several steps that help our experienced fertility specialist design an IVF protocol that will work best for the individual. Our goal is to stimulate your ovaries to produce the healthiest eggs possible for retrieval.

Dr. Gehlbach works diligently to ensure that ovarian stimulation will produce multiple healthy eggs, increasing the chances of having viable eggs for fertilization, and extra embryos available to freeze and use later for additional pregnancy attempts if needed.[break][break]

At Midwest Reproductive Center, we individualize the medications we use based on:

  • Your medical history
  • Hormone testing
  • The number and size of developing follicles
  • The appearance of your ovaries during an ultrasound

Taking these steps ensures that we are developing the protocol that is perfect for you–not your friend, relative or acquaintance.

Your Medical History Influences the Type of IVF Protocol We Select for You

At Midwest Reproductive Center, we consider many variables when we design your IVF protocol. Many factors in your medical history can influence how many oocytes (immature egg cells) develop during your natural menstrual cycle, including:

  • Your age
  • Your hormonal status
  • The general health of your ovaries

In addition, certain conditions in your history will also help determine which protocol we feel will work best for you, including previous ovarian surgery or ovarian conditions such as endometriosis.

Your Lifestyle May Affect Your Ovarian Stimulation Results

Another reason you may respond differently to a certain IVF protocol than someone you know or read about is lifestyle. There are several different lifestyle factors that may affect how you respond, including:

  • Diet
  • Weight
  • Stress level
  • Smoking
  • Use of alcohol or recreational drugs

Dr. Gehlbach will discuss these factors with you to determine how they may affect your ovarian stimulation results.

Finding the IVF protocol that works best for you is a very important part of IVF, and Dr. Gehlbach is always happy to talk to patients about what will work best. Contact us to discuss the fertility treatments we offer at Midwest Reproductive Center.


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