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Midwest Reproductive Center Helps Patients Identify Signs of Infertility

Most people assume that they will decide to start a family, get pregnant and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, some couples hit a snag when they put this plan into motion. The team at Midwest Reproductive Center can offer important information about possible signs of infertility.

Look for the following red flags, which may signify a need to consult with a fertility specialist like Dr.

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Midwest Reproductive Signs of Infertility

Age and infertility: Am I too young to see a fertility specialist?

You want to get pregnant. Maybe not now, but someday. Dr. Dan Gehlbach with Midwest Reproductive Center advises women of all ages, late teens through their 40s, to protect their future by knowing the facts about reproductive health.

Fertility in your 20s:  Practice safe sex to avoid fertility-threatening STDs, maintain a healthy weight and say no to illicit drugs,

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