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Secondary Infertility Is Surprising and Stressful

Secondary infertility sneaks up on you. When you have given birth to a baby, you fully appreciate the miracle that has taken place, but fully expect for it to occur again. Dr. Dan Gehlbach frequently sees couples shell-shocked by secondary infertility, so he has facts and figures to share right from the start.

Secondary Infertility is Common

Secondary infertility affects 12 percent of women, and accounts for more than half of all infertility cases, according to the National Infertility Association. The disease may not seem all that common because many couples remain silent about secondary infertility.

Secondary Infertility is Stressful

Unless you were surprised by an unplanned pregnancy, you may have worried about conceiving your first baby. Do you remember the angst over counting days from ovulation to pregnancy test? Now consider that, in addition to the stress of ttc, you have a child relying on you to meet his or her every need, including providing a sibling. Couples experiencing secondary infertility may feel like frogs in a pot. Life turns up the heat slowly, until you don’t even notice the water boiling around you!

Secondary Infertility is Treatable

A commonly held belief about secondary infertility is that it will resolve itself. Couples put off seeking treatment with a fertility specialist because they assume nature will take its course, like the first time they got pregnant. Dr. Gehlbach encourages couples to make an appointment after trying to get pregnant for one year, or six months if the woman has reached age 35.

Dr. Gehlbach and his compassionate clinical care team understand the unique needs of couples facing secondary infertility. Midwest Reproductive Center offers targeted treatment to help you grow your family, and give your child the gift of a sibling.

Visit our web page on Secondary Infertility for more information.


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