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New Leading-Edge IVF Lab at Midwest Reproductive Center Can Boost Pregnancy Success

Can a building help you get pregnant? If it’s a certified, specially designed, state- of-the-art IVF lab, the answer is yes.

Midwest Reproductive Center is thrilled to announce the opening of a new world-class IVF lab, giving patients yet another reason for confidence and hope in their pregnancy journey.

Choosing a Fertility Doctor Means Choosing a Lab

When you’re trying to get pregnant through IVF, it’s important to select an accomplished fertility doctor like Dr. Dan Gehlbach to guide your fertility plan.

One of the reasons for Midwest Reproductive Center’s success is our team of experienced reproductive embryologists. The quality of the lab they work in is a crucial part of the process.

Advanced Reproductive Technology to Help Push Nature Along

With the addition of the new IVF lab, our embryologists have the ideal environment to perform advanced reproductive laboratory procedures such as:

In the Lab, Environment Is Everything

Just as the healthy uterus is the perfect environment to host and nurture a pregnancy, a baby-making lab needs to meet the highest standards for perfection. The new CAP and CLIA-certified Midwest Reproductive Center IVF lab was designed to meet and exceed these high standards.

Everything from the non-toxic paint, cabinets and flooring to the special air filtration system ensures a healthy and safe lab environment by preventing contamination and chemical exposure.

Securing Your Future

Our patients can be reassured that the lab includes security features to ensure that all embryos are properly identified and match the correct patients. Once the embryos are prepared, they are placed into special incubators that mimic the environment of the uterus, keeping them safe and healthy until transfer.

If this is your time to start or add to your family, contact us at Midwest Reproductive Center to schedule a fertility consultation. We have the experience to determine the best pregnancy plan for your situation.

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