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Meet the Midwest Reproductive Center Fertility Nurse Practitioners

Explaining the Role of Nurse Practitioner

By definition, a nurse practitioner is a nurse who has knowledge, decision-making skills and clinical competencies that expand beyond the level of a general RN. To receive certification as a nurse practitioner, individuals must graduate from an accredited graduate (MSN) or doctoral (DNP) program. Upon completion of the required course work, nurse practitioners must pass national board certifying exams in a specific focus area such as acute care, family practice, pediatrics or women’s health.

Meet Johni B. Kilton, Fertility Nurse Practitioner

After completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Johni Kilton worked for 10 years in Labor and Delivery. She also spent time as an emergency room nurse. In both these settings, Kilton said she treated a number of patients dealing with recurrent pregnancy loss.

“Seeing those women got me started thinking about the close tie to infertility and recurrent miscarriage,” she explained.
Kilton advanced her education and received her Master’s degree from the University of Cincinnati. Describing infertility work as her “dream job,” Kilton joined Midwest Reproductive Center in 2010. In her current role, Kilton meets new patients, gathers health histories, devises care plans, performs diagnostics, monitors cycles and assists with retrievals, transfers and surgery.
“I love the unknown. I like identifying a problem, finding a solution and putting the pieces together,” Kilton said.

Dr. Dan Gehlbach offers comprehensive fertility treatment to Kansas City area patients. He has built a practice based on diagnosing and treating common causes of infertility, enabling patients to create the families they desire. At Midwest Reproductive Center, Dr. Gehlbach has assembled a team of skilled professionals to assist him in providing compassionate care. To enhance our patients’ experiences, we have added fertility nurse practitioners to our staff.

Visit Midwest Reproductive Center for Advanced Treatment

If you are struggling to conceive a child and feeling frustrated by the lack of results, we can help. Dr. Gehlbach and our team, including fertility nurse practitioners, can provide the expertise and quality care you need. Call our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gehlbach and find the answers you are looking for in your quest for parenthood.

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