Male Fertility


Male Infertility Evaluation

Nearly half of all infertile couples will have a male factor as a part of their infertility. Testing the male is an important part of the infertility evaluation and a semen analysis should be performed as early as possible. Fortunately MRC has many successful treatments for men with low sperm counts.

A detailed history is important. Prior to your appointment you will be asked to list all medical conditions and medications you are currently taking. A history of treatment with chemotherapy or radiation is important, as well as a history of an undescended testicle or injuries to the testicles or penis. Dr. Gehlbach and his staff will also review your family history, sexual  history, use of alcohol, tobacco or illicit drugs.

A semen analysis is the primary test for evaluating the male. It provides information about the sperm concentration (referred to as the sperm count) as well as the motility (movement), morphology (shape), viscosity (thickness), and presence or absence of inflammatory cells. The semen analysis is usually repeated in a few weeks if the first test shows any abnormalities. Severe abnormalities will be further evaluated by a urologist with expertise in male infertility. If a semen analysis has not already been performed, you may schedule the test to coincide with your first visit.