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How the Kansas Fertility Scorecord Impacts You

Kansas, in the bottom half of the nation in fertility support? Really?

Have you ever heard a crowd at a sporting event proudly chant, “We’re number 33!” That sort of number doesn’t exactly swell the chest with pride — particularly if you’re ranking 33 out of 50. Well, that’s where Kansas stands as of this writing, and not in a game, either. Our state is currently in the bottom half of the nation for overall fertility “friendless” and support for people trying to conceive.

Here are the basic facts about the Kansas Fertility Scorecard:

  • The Fertility Scorecard was created by RESOLVE and EMD Serono as a way of showing legislators how well (or how badly) their states promote fertility care and treatment among residents.
  • The score calculation is based on legislative support of laws that support and promote fertility, insurance providers’ willing to cover treatment, funding for fertility-related work and other factors.
  • While these numbers are subject to fluctuation, Massachusetts currently ranks as the most fertility-friendly state in the U.S., with Louisiana in last place. Kansas is 33rd in the nation.

RESOLVE to Make a Difference in Kansas

State support for the Family Act of 2011 would give Kansans trying to conceive a welcome boost. This bill was just re-introduced back in May, it would cover 50 percent of the out-of-pocket costs for IVF and fertility preservation treatments by providing a tax credit of up to $13,360 to individuals who need such care. This would do much to make up for the fact that so few fertility procedures are covered by health insurance. Dr. Gehlbach, who wholeheartedly supports the Family Act, has addressed legislators in Topeka and Kansas City in an effort to contribute to the bill’s passage.

Want to help? You can! Go to our Facebook page right now and add your own voice to our appeal for co-sponsorship of the Family Act.


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