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Dr. Dan Gehlbach Shares Fertility News from ASRM

Midwest Reproductive Center founder Dr. Dan Gehlbach is a long-time member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

In fact, he has attended more than 5 annual meetings that assemble the world’s leading fertility specialists, embryologists and geneticists. Invited members have access to year-round interactive educational programs and ongoing research that helps keep Dr. Gehlbach on the leading edge of reproductive medicine.

This year at the ASRM meeting, the organization released fertility news that we want to share with our patients, in hopes that they can gain a greater appreciation for the scope of this global effort to help men and women overcome infertility.

ASRM fertility news spotlights fertility rescue for cancer patients and wounded warriors

Among the exciting breakthroughs that have the potential to enact positive changes in 2015, we have narrowed the list down to include game-changing practices in reproductive medicine.

  1. Elective single embryo transfer protects the life and well being of both mother and baby, and is empowered by improvements to embryo and egg freezing protocols and PGS. The data about pregnancy rates supports transferring a single embryo rather than two or three. In addition, eSET has the potential to reduce the cost per birth to $17,000-$24,000 for a singleton versus $190,000-$450,000 for triplets.
  2. Fertility rescue. Embryo and egg freezing prior to chemotherapy can provide a safety net for women facing a new cancer diagnosis. A new study released at ASRM is looking at using stem cells in mice to restore ovarian function after cancer. The results are promising.
  3. Sperm retrieval for veterans. Soldiers caught in the line of fire risk their lives, and oftentimes sacrifice the potential to become fathers after deployment. New sperm retrieval methods, SVSA- Seminal Vesicle Sperm Aspiration, for wounded soldiers provide hope despite devastating male factor infertility.

Visit the ASRM News and Research page to learn about more fertility news.

http://www.asrm.org/NewsAndResearch/ or schedule a consultation with Dr. Dan Gehlbach, a United States Military Academy – West Point graduate and board certified reproductive endocrinologist with fellowship training at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.

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