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Feeling Left Out this Mother’s Day?

Last weekend, thousands of women observed a holiday you may not be familiar with: National Infertility Survival Day. It falls the week before Mother’s Day and was created in honor of the 1 in 7 couples struggling with infertility.

Holidays, including child-focused traditions associated with Christmas and Hanukkah, Easter and Halloween, can exacerbate the sadness, stress and isolation of a dream deferred, and another negative pregnancy test.

Making it through Mother’s Day

In the days leading up to Mother’s Day, take time to nurture and reward yourself for the steps you are taking to become a mother! You may want to avoid family gatherings that call attention to your plight, and instead make plans that involve your favorite pastimes or activities.

Dr. Dan Gehlbach, a fertility specialist, and the team at Midwest Reproductive Center devote themselves to helping couples overcome the disease of infertility. As part of that commitment, Midwest Reproductive Center takes proactive steps to educate people about preserving and optimizing their reproductive health.

This past month, Midwest Reproductive Center brought a message of hope to the 2nd Annual Kansas City Infertility Awareness & Family Building Conference and “All About Us” event celebrating women’s health. The fertility clinic also hosts educational seminars and provides useful resources to couples undergoing infertility treatment.

Encouraging Words from a Fertility Doctor

“We are passionate about educating couples about their options when faced with infertility,” says Dr. Gehlbach. “Many people are surprised to learn that 80% of those who see a fertility specialist go on to conceive a child, and only a very small percentage require advanced treatment such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF).”

Midwest Reproductive wants you to know this: Your Mother’s Day will come. Infertility requires great effort, patience and perseverance … all good qualities in a mom. The extra, or even extraordinary, steps you take to conceive will make an impact for generations to come.

Contact us at Midwest Reproductive Center to find out more about infertility testing, diagnosis and treatment. We are here to help.


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