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When Should You Seek Fertility Help?

Finding a Fertility Specialist at the Right Time

Couples who are ready to build a family often expect that it’s just a matter of deciding when to start trying. Although it can be a very natural, easy process for some, over 1 in 7 couples encounter some issues with infertility.

5 Good Reasons to Consult a Fertility Specialist

At Midwest Reproductive Center we find that many couples are unsure of when to consult a fertility specialist on their path toward parenthood.

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Stress and Coping with the Holidays

The holidays are certainly a joyous time, but for many couples trying to conceive, the stress that may come with this time of year can have an effect on hormones. By being mindful of your activities and plans during the season, you can combat stress to make the holidays an enjoyable time, full of memories with loved ones.

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Smoking and Infertility: The Hidden Hazards of the Daily Habit

Smoking has always posed numerous health hazards, both to the smokers themselves and to others around them who consume second-hand smoke. Men and women who are trying to start a family, however, should be aware that smoking also presents a direct threat to their fertility. Here at Midwest Reproductive Center we are dedicated to providing not only state-of-the-art fertility treatments,

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Dr. Gehlbach Brings News from Beantown

We’ve just returned from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s 2013 meeting in Boston.

A collection of the nation’s leading fertility experts, clinics and equipment manufacturers were on display to deliver enlightening papers, discuss recent developments in fertility medicine, and get a close look at the latest technologies. We’ve even got video of our own Dr.

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AMH and Other Ovarian Reserve Tests

Do You Know Your Ovarian Reserve?

Fertility can be affected by a wide range of factors, from low sperm counts to PCOS. One of the critical factors in your ability to become pregnant is what we call your ovarian reserve — the quantity of viable ova your ovaries currently contain.

You were actually born with all the eggs you’ll ever have —

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A Walk on the Weird Side: 5 Experimental Fertility Treatments

Fertility Science Fiction or Science Fact?

Even in the already cutting-edge world of fertility treatment, there are some pretty wild experimental procedures out there. Let’s take a peek at five of them:

1. Third party IVF – Is it possible to have three genetic parents? British researchers are looking at combining the mother’s nuclear DNA with a donor egg that contributes the mitochondrial DNA (in cases where the mother might pass mitochondrial disorder on to her baby).

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Getting to the Point of Single-Shot IVF

Dr. Dan Gehlbach sometimes recommends in-vitro fertilization (IVF) after other infertility treatment options, such as intrauterine insemination (IUI), fail to result in a pregnancy. People with certain medical conditions (blocked fallopian tubes, recurrent miscarriage, male infertility and premature menopause) also benefit from IVF.


1. Regulating the reproductive cycle. The fertility drug Lupron suppresses the pituitary gland’s signal to ovulate to allow for a controlled cycle.

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