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Does your Fertility Specialist Pass the Test?

After college, medical school and four more years of residency as an obgyn, one final challenge remains for physicians like                         Dr. Dan Gehlbach, who specialize in infertility. Board certification is the gold standard for fertility specialists, and a credential you should insist on when choosing someone to treat infertility.

Last season, the television show Grey’s Anatomy included a storyline about the rigors of passing the boards (the resident named April fails). In the show, 4 out of 5 pass the test. In reality, that percentage is fairly accurate, as 80 percent of fertility specialists will earn board certification in the sub-specialty of reproductive endocrinology.


What does board certification mean to me as an infertility patient?

Board certification, administered by the American Board of Medical Specialties, takes years to complete, requires ongoing commitment to continuing education and is entirely voluntary.   You can certainly receive effective care from a fertility doctor not board certified as a reproductive endocrinologist. Given the choice, though, it makes sense to choose a physician at the top of the field.

Dr. Gehlbach specializes in diagnosing and treating female causes of infertility, such as PCOS, tubal factors, uterine abnormalities and ovulatory dysfunction, as well as male infertility. A board-certified reproductive endocrinologist brings to the table specialized training, access to advanced infertility treatments and hard-earned credentials to help patients overcome infertility.

Your fertility specialist should be listed as a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist on the Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (SREI) website. Call us at Midwest Reproductive Center to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gehlbach, a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist who passed his boards and never passes up on the opportunity to help couples achieve their goals of becoming parents.

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