Donor Services

The Egg Donor Screening Process

The first step in this process is a telephone interview with the Egg Donor Coordinator. This interview is designed to answer your questions concerning the egg donation process and to make sure that this is an appropriate program for you.

Once you have completed the phone screening process, the next step will include the following tests. These tests are used to evaluate your fertility potential and screen for any illnesses.

  • medical and physical examination
  • pelvic ultrasound
  • laboratory blood tests

At this office visit we will discuss the donor consent form and will ask for your signature.

After these studies are done, you will meet with a psychological counselor to further discuss the program. If married, your husband must also attend this psychological consultation.

**As a donor, please be assured that you will incur no medical costs and that your information and identity will be kept strictly confidential. The recipient will remain anonymous to you, as well. When your screening process is completed, your information will be kept in our file of potential anonymous donors and will be presented to potential recipients upon request.

Once a recipient has chosen you as a donor, you will be contacted and the process to undergo egg donation will begin.