Midwest Reproductive Center

Business Office Information

Midwest Reproductive General Office Policies

Canceling your appointment:

If you must cancel your office visit, please notify us 24 hours in advance.  Failure to notify our office 24 hours in advance will results in a charge of $150 (New Patient) or $50 (Return Patient).  This fee will not be billed to your insurance company.  After payment of the cancellation fee, you will be rescheduled in the next available appointment.

Form Completion:

We routinely must complete multiple forms mandated by your insurance carrier to obtain coverage and request laboratory tests.  When indicated, we will provide you with written notices for leave of absence form work for medical procedures.  Additional request for forms completion for leave of absence (FLMA) form work, disability or “letters of medical necessity” will be performed after receipt of a $25 fee for each.  This fee will not be billed to your insurance company.

Medical Records Requests:

If you wish to have a copy of your medical records released, you will need to submit a request in writing along with a payment of $15.  Kansas Law allows for 30 days for completing any medical records requests.  We are only allowed to release records that have originated in our office.  Any records that have been sent to our office from other physician offices or hospitals will need to be requested from them directly.

Returned Check Fee:

Returned checks will be subject to $30 fee.  All fees must be paid in full before you are able to schedule an appointment or resume treatment.

After Hours Calls:

Any non-emergent calls made to the physician after office hours may be subject to a $25 billing to the patient.  This fee will not be billed to your insurance company.  It will be the patient’s responsibility.

No Children Policy:

Due to the sensitive nature of infertility treatment as well as for certain safety reasons, Midwest Reproductive Center has a “no children” policy.  We ask that you make alternative childcare arrangements for each scheduled appointment.